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Rewards Hunter
  • I purchased a 5 pk of airwick sented oils from meijer in store . The coupon stated ANY 5 PACK REFILL . It was for a 5 dollar back reward . I am now being told that the barcode doesnt match even after submitting photos of the product ! I have screen shot the reward requirements . It will be attatched . Id like to know why im not recieving the reward and am being lied to instead . 
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Re: Reward

Deal Master


Can you post a picture of the front of the product?   And either post a picture of, or provide the complete UPC code?

This sounds like a situation where the UPC is simply not entered for the offer and you should get your CB.

Have you actually opened up a ticket?

Did you scan the product before you bought it?  When you scan it now, what does it say?

Also, if the item happened to be marked down with a clearance sticker, you may have to remove the clearance sticker to scan the actual, original UPC for it to be identified.

I always scan every item before checkout to avoid issues like this, but you should ultimately prevail.   They are not 'pulling a fast one' or 'lying' to you.  Sometimes things just don't work out as they should on their own, but the ibotta care team always comes through in the end

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Re: Reward

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I have this offer in my Ibotta app, but Meijer is not listed.

Of course, your screenshot clearly shows Meijer, so I would think they would give you credit.

As @Rickibotta mentions, you may have a variety that isn't in their UPC database.

Try scanning the barcode of the item twice.  It should come up and ask you to take a picture of the item and the UPC.  It could take up to 24 hours for them to add the item to their database.

If it gets approved, try scanning the receipt again.

Good luck.