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Royal Ready to Eat Rice - Plain - Missing Rebate - 2nd time


On 03/09/2021, I shopped Walmart Pickup & Delivery through the shopping app on Google Chrome Browser. I already had my rebates selected before I shopped. I bought the Royal Ready to Eat Rice in Korean, Chicken & Herb and the plain. The Korean and the Chicken & Herb was a rebate of $1.50 per package, limit 5. The plain was $1.00 rebate per package, limit 5. I bought 5 of each and picked up 5 up each with my delivery.

I was NOT credited for the plain rice.  This is the SECOND TIME this has happened.  On 01/29/2021 I also placed an online order at Walmart for Pickup & Delivery. The exact same thing happened. I did NOT receive credit for the plain but did for the flavored. 

I sent in a ticket for the order on 01/29/2021. I even sent in a screenshot of my completed order showing my order number and date, along with the items that were picked up. I never got a resolution. Only some response that made absolutely no sense. I finally gave up.

Now it has happened again. There is something wrong with this rebate. I know how to use ibotta as I have received over $600.00 in rebates on grocery shopping alone.

Please help.

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Re: Royal Ready to Eat Rice - Plain - Missing Rebate - 2nd time

Deal Master

@ibottaShopper  The only Royal Ready Rice I've ever had has been the FAO (limit 1) available at HEB which is in Tx and we are not planning a road trip until after COVID. I've never seen a Royal Ready Rice rebate at Walmart (if you have it - that's great).  I remember months ago, the rebate was on Ibotta but it did not have a store next to it, and I had questioned it then.  I would just say try to be persistent if you have the screenshots of the offers that also helps.  Don't open ticket after ticket and just try to be patient but persistent. And keep us posted if you have any luck.

Re: Royal Ready to Eat Rice - Plain - Missing Rebate - 2nd time

Deal Sharer

That's strange yesterday I received credit for all 4 varieties of the royal ready to eat rice. I assume you already scanned the barcode to see if it matches the one your list.