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RRs and Walgreens

Rewards Guide

I’ve noticed many people mentioning about register rewards not being printed at Walgreens. Walgreens changed their policy a couple weeks ago. You used to be able to get RRs if you did curbside pick up but they changed their policy and that no longer is an option. RRs Are only available if you go in the store. You will however get coupons/advertisements put in your bag. I only found out about this on another deal site.

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Re: RRs and Walgreens

Skilled Saver

That's really odd....aren't register rewards the ones that print out from the same Catalina machine as the long as your purchase triggered a RR,  how hard is it to put it in the bag. Unless the issue is more of a member account thing. Maybe because you're not there to key your number in or scan your card 🤷‍....who knows. 

....what about if you do pickup?? (where you go inside and just get the bag) 

....I prefer purchases that get me Cash Rewards anyways...goes straight into the account and you have longer to redeem them and you don't have to worry about losing the piece of paper.


Re: RRs and Walgreens

Rewards Guide

You can only get register rewards now if you literally walk into the store and make your purchase at the register. It does not matter if you walk into the store and pick up your bag… You won’t get register rewards. Yes the coupons that print out and other advertisements are printed from the Catalina machine but Walgreens decided to be jerks.