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Savings are not being credited anymore

Rewards Hunter

Any ideas on why my savings from last week and this week are not showing up? No emails and the balance showing on the app is the same from 3 weeks ago. Thank you,

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Re: Savings are not being credited anymore

Super Saver

Assuming you submitted new receipts matching offers that should have been credited, is your submission of those receipts evident? if you go to Account > Earnings > Earning History, Do you see verification of the receipts you submitted? Is there a memo such as Pending, or No Credit, etc? Looking there might give you clues?????

Have you updated the APP to the latest version that came out earlier today?

Re: Savings are not being credited anymore

Deal Expert

What do you mean?Did yoiu click the offers 1st then buy them, did yoiu click the offers in the right store, did you get exactly what the fine print said, is it a linked store did yoiu do pick up or in stoe some stores even linked are in store only and will not get credit for pick up delivery, Is it still pending, did it go through? Where did yoiu buy from some place can take up to 90 days. Did you update the app there's an updat etoday


Re: Savings are not being credited anymore

Deal Sharer

This has happened to me before. You have to contact support every day after the first 48 hours. That’s the only thing that seems to work when a rebate is stuck in processing. Always be nice and let them know it’s been processing for some time now and ask that they review it and process as soon as possible. Don’t be discouraged to do other offers while that one is processing. I’ve had offer clear in seconds but one pending for more than 10 days and it was just stuck. Support has always resolved my issues. Hope it works out! Good Luck 🙂