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Savings today!!


4DBEC4D5-6F7B-4D2B-8D27-2798E241FE5B.jpegI paid $59.05 after $9.75 in coupons  received $30.18 back, so I only paid $28.87!

Butter frozen for baking, lots of healthy snacks, coffee and candy for Halloween 🎃 if I can hide it.

I had a $5 weekend warrior and $2/20 climbing bonus, now the next climbing bonus is 10/$3 and I have one towards that. 

They only had these three of the Hellman’s sauces, but they had the coupons! None of the Late July chips (maybe because it’s August? 😁)

none of the Starbucks Nespresso pods or BabyRuth bars. 

P.S. dear iBotta, I’m trying hard, but this website is tough. This post would have taken me 75%less time on Facebook. Please reconsider. 

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Re: Savings today!!

Deal Master

Don't you mean $5 for 20 offers climb bonus?

My first step is $5 for 20 offers.

“2022 New Year's Resolution: It’s time for me to be doing what I have been doing and that time is every day .”

Re: Savings today!!


No, my first climb was $2. I guess everyone has different steps to get to $10.