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Re: Saying goodbye to Ibotta

Skilled Saver

@FelskyNY  thank you for being the voice of reason and exercising compassion.  I think we’re all here to try to support each other while trying to make sense of the ever changing landscape of Ibotta.  An amount of $120 is significant, in my opinion.  The comment by @Dana felt like she was “kicking someone while they were down”. That is not ok.  Ban me if you want, but I will speak up when I see garbage like that.  

Re: Saying goodbye to Ibotta

Deal Master

@Sorensoj Like you, I have no patience for bullies.

Re: Saying goodbye to Ibotta

Rewards Whiz

@Hodges87 you can send me a private message with the method felskyny mentioned, or you can send me an email at


Also, I removed Dana's post, in case anyone is curious where it went.