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Scan and go sams receipts

Rewards Hunter

Does anyone know why these aren’t accepted? I shop at Sams and miss out on deals because I use scan and pay and Ibotta does not accept. They require a paper receipt. 

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Re: Scan and go sams receipts

Deal Sharer

I can't recall if I've ever done a matchup at Sam's, so I don't know for sure this will work, but I've done a similar technique with another store...

If you log in to the Sam's Club website and go to order history, there's an tab for in store purchases. In each transaction row, there's an icon that links to a "paper"-like version of the receipt, including TC number and bar code. I imagine you could print that out and scan it.

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Re: Scan and go sams receipts


It's really frustrating because Sam's is the only store I actually go inside right now. I do Sam's Plus so I can go early before everyone, and I do Scan and Go so I don't have to check out with a person. It doesn't seem right that we can't use our receipts that clearly indicate we were in the store. I will try to print like the above reply mentioned. Hope that works!! 

Re: Scan and go sams receipts

Rewards Hunter

I have had the same issue and cannot use my receipts from scan and go at Sam’s Club. My screenshot was rejected as fraudulent.