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Scheduled Maintenance

Super Saver

I received a message today.  Ibotta has scheduled maintenance on 06/02/2021.. With all of the issues with withdrawing, Target receipts, items jumping around, and long pending periods seems like scheduled maintenance  couldn't come at a better time.  I would like to see some improvements in the app. The repeated occurrence of the same issues by any user should be addressed and hopefully resolved. 


 On this day I will not make any ibotta transactions and I have already submitted a request to have my funds deposited into my linked account....

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Re: Scheduled Maintenance

Core Shopper

Only is mentioned. I read it as only the website will be affected. But it is a good idea to pause activity during this downtime. I'm curious what the improvements will be. I don't think they will be significant but it would be nice if some often suggested ideas would be added.

Re: Scheduled Maintenance

Deal Master


They mention online experience, so if there are any 'improvements', it is likely it has to do with online orders.  That does not help me because I don't do chrome extensions.  But if there are any changes, hopefully it benefits someone.  

I assume the community will be down.

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Re: Scheduled Maintenance

Core Shopper

Maybe this has to do with the Community redesign. We’ll find out later this week.