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Service levels and overlooked credits

Rewards Hunter

Good day all!  My first post!  Wish it was a happier one.  Hopefully future ones will.

Is anyone else having issues with cash back offers not tabulating with linked WM account.  At first noticed issues, and things improved, last two submissions, didn’t receive all credits so I contacted Ibotta help.  

I repeatedly get requested to submit a copy of paper receipts, which I don’t have since linked account.  Why doesn’t the people working at Ibotta help desk understand this?

And good luck getting issues resolved.  Get bot emails indicating long wait times.  This combined with cluelessness by staff is really turning me off to Ibotta.  Basically spending money on things I’m buying because of cash back, figure, give it a try.  Just to learn no cash back.  Seeing bait & switch scenerios starting?  I’m close to writing Ibotta off and skip the hassle.  Also planning to contact Walmart if they are aware of this situation?   

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Re: Service levels and overlooked credits

Deal Expert

Everyone who has a linked account has problems you just need to put in a ticket and wait to respond you can also send them a message on the ibotta facebok page. I never link anything I scan and never had a problem. Also linked accounts take normally 48 hours but people have posted 3-5 days some longer.

Re: Service levels and overlooked credits

Former Ibotta Employee

Hi @Mheidger

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble receiving the credit from your recent Walmart purchases using your linked account. It can take up to 48 hours to receive credit, but if it's taking longer then there could be an issue with your account. 

I have passed your information on to a Care Supervisor to take a closer look at this problem and ensure your issue is resolved! 

Re: Service levels and overlooked credits

Deal Master


I hope you have gotten your issues resolved.

Just for your information, Walmart should have sent you a receipt in your email.  It doesn't look like a paper receipt from a Walmart register, but it will help Ibotta match up what you bought with the rebates you have selected in the app or online.