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Shop 'Til You Drop Bonus

Ultimate Saver

Let me first say I did not get this bonus, but my sister-in-law did.

She earns $1.00 if she spends $70 in the Online Shopping category each week.  If she completes ALL 4 bonuses, she earns another $1.00!

Assuming the other weekly bonuses are the same, she needs to spend $280 ($70x4) to get a $5 bonus.

This seems like a lot of work for $5.  And it usually takes 3 months to get any money from online shopping.

Did anyone else get this set of bonuses?


2 Replies

Re: Shop 'Til You Drop Bonus

Deal Expert

Nope.  No Labor Day Libations or Mid Week Money Maker either.  I sure hope I get off the Naughty list soon.


Re: Shop 'Til You Drop Bonus

Deal Expert

Not everyone gets the same rebates and bonuses. as for the shop till you drop bonus she would also get a rebate for the items she buys online along with the bonus. I think the amount of money will decrease each week but you wont know for sure until you finish the 1st part. If it is $280 they she doesn't have to do it no one if forcing her to do it. Buying things just for a bonus is not saving/making  money at all.