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Sorting retailers


How can I sort recommended retailers? I have them checked off as favorites, but they don’t appear on recommended retailers. Makes it harder to verify items in the store

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Re: Sorting retailers

Deal Expert

Favorites used to populate first on homepage. 


One way, first click category of stores ex. Grocery. Then on that page you can filter by category with the bubble tabs or selectng where I have circled. 

Same on Redemption page, only wording available to click. 





Re: Sorting retailers

Deal Master

When I am shopping, I simply open the Ibotta app and select the store I am in.  I stay in that store until I am done. 

I can scan the UPCs for any offer in that store from the top and make sure the items are selected and match all the criteria.

Once I am done shopping, I scroll all the way to the left (For You) and scroll up.  I then select Submit Receipt Instead (for Walmart) or select Submit Receipt at the bottom of the page.

If I need to, I can double check My List for that store and make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

But I understand the initial search is sometimes of a pain.  I am hoping that Ibotta will someday replace the Recommended stores with the Favorites.