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Stop trying to Link

Skilled Saver

I have been using the app for a while but have used the Chrome Extension a few times successfully.  My Wal mart grocery account linked in a couple minutes flat.  I have tried to link my Target account on both the browser and the app for 2 days.  I have reset the password to make sure it is right I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension.  I have received at least a dozen emails telling me linking failed.  However the app keeps showing that it is still trying to link.  Is there any way I can stop that or cancel the linking?  Closing the app and restarting my phone did not make a change at all.  Any ideas or should I just give up and submit a help ticket?

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Re: Stop trying to Link

Deal Expert

Linking can take up to 48 hours. The only way to get help is to put in a ticket that can take up to a week or more since people put in tickets for every little thing or you can go on the ibotta facebok page and send a message.