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Submitting receipt twice


I purchased four cans of skintimate shave gel yesterday, the limit was 2. I submitted the receipt.  I was wondering if I could submit the receipt again for the other 2 cans if the rebate comes back in my gallery? 

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Re: Submitting receipt twice

Skilled Saver

Hi @Kristilynn0031., good question.

You can only submit a receipt once for the same offer. The scenario you described could result in your account being locked.

If an offer is added within seven (7) days for something else on your receipt—such as an “any brand”, etc.—you can claim that, but not the identical offer.




Re: Submitting receipt twice

Deal Master


If you know in advance you will be going over the limit, do two separate transactions.  If the offer resets, great and you can submit that receipt.  If it does not reset, no harm no foul;  you were going to buy them anyway.

I did this with Snickers Peanut brownies recently when there was an IR of 25¢.   I found them for 54¢ (reg price around $2), so I bought 15 of them, splitting them into 3 transactions.   I purchased 5 with most of my groceries, I did a second purchase with one item and 5 Snickers, and then a 3rd purchase with only the 5 snickers.   My reasoning for the second order is that I am not sure if ibotta tracks the time or not as part of a purchase.   So I wanted to make sure each receipt was at least for a different amount since all were done on the same day.  The offer did end up resetting twice, so I was able to get the ibotta rebate for all 15, making the cost $4.35 for 15.

(Following up on Nique's response, the same is also true if the limit had been 4 and you only got paid for 2.  You can't resubmit the receipt a second time if it resets in this situation either..  If you are given partial credit (only 2 or 3 of 4 redeemed), you would open a ticket.)

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