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Support team changing wrong rebates

Rewards Guide

I just wonder how often this happens to anyone else. You put in a ticket cause a rebate was missed and after a few days, they reply and say they fixed it and you should see it reflected in your earnings. 

you go and look and you’re puzzled cause it’s still not right. You go back and reply and wait again—whoops sorry about that, and now it’s fixed. Sometimes nothing changed the first go around or in my most recent ticket, they removed a rebate and added more in quantity to another one and still didn’t add the rebate your ticket was placed for. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m not complaining, I know it will get fixed eventually—just kind of comical. I wonder how many tickets they have that are just resubs for something they didn’t fix the first time though. 

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Re: Support team changing wrong rebates

Rewards Guide

Update— 1 more was added for the wrong rebate (bringing quantity to 5, when I has 2), previously credited rebate still missing, and the rebate my ticket was for still no where in sight. 

hey get me 3 more dollars somewhere and we’ll be square 😂