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I've been using ibotta for a few months now and have decided to try swagbucks and checkout 51 does anyone have any advice for me to get the most out of them.

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Re: Swagbucks

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For SB: Make sure you scroll all the way down in an offer and read the fine print to make sure you are getting a qualifying product, and I have had receipts rejected in the past I'm pretty sure b/c I used a coupon with an offer. (Think their fine print usually says you can't use w/other offers, but not sure if other have had the same experience with coupons.)

If you live near a publix, right now you can get four bags of 24 count A&H laundry pods for a total of 2$! Last week I got free Skinnygirl preserves and salad dressing from SB. 

Re: Swagbucks

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Their customer service is absolutely the worst.  Their ticket submission process is the most convoluted.   Things are working much better than about a year ago, but when things go bad, they go really really bad.

So only try a SB offer if you are willing to take the 'L'. or if you are willing to return the items.   And it gets messy, especially if you also had an ibotta rebate and it was a WM purchase. 

Also, SB /C51 appear to be working towards sharing details so you will only be able to redeem an offer from, one place and not both for the same item on the same receipt.   

All this being said,  I love SB, and I get many stackable deals where the items are free or moneymakers.

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Re: Swagbucks

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At one point, I was using the Swagbucks app and had some issues.  Someone suggested using their website instead.  I now use their website and submit my receipts from my phone.

When submitting receipts, I usually ring up the larger items by themselves so there is no doubt what offer I am trying to redeem.  I take a picture of the receipt as close as I can get so the details are easily read by their "magic" app.

I try to complete the first daily goal each day for the monthly bonus.  I got almost $7.00 for February.

I try to print coupons from Swagbucks each day.  You earn 1 SB for each 3 coupons you print and 50 for those you use.  If there are coupons I don't want, I still print them out, but to a pdf file.  This way I can go back and print them later, if I need them.

Surveys are another way to earn SB, but they can take a lot of time, usually longer than they say.  I don't do any survey that asks me for my email, name, address, etc. 

Overall, I like Swagbucks because there are so many ways to earn money, but the number of offers are limited.

Re: Swagbucks

Deal Master

@Weather  Basically I agree w/ everything everyone said about SB  Just be sure you are at the correct store, buying the correct item (or items - often it's buy 2) and know that the offers will increase or decrease in the blink of an eye.  Many of them you can do twice a week (Sunday-Saturday) and I will ring them up on one receipt.  Some or only once a month.  New offers pop up at different times - so be sure to keep an eye on it.  

CO51 refreshes everything Thursday.  I do NOT use coupons w/ the SB offers because usually they are high value and come out free and I don't want to take the chance. I've had times when the SB and CO51 offers stack, and other times they don't. I don't usually count on both, and am happy when they do stack. 


Re: Swagbucks


First off, as a one-person household who buys as many organic products as possible, I don’t spend as much as most users. I find ibotta the easiest to use and provides the best offers. Since joining in November 2020 I’ve earned almost $400. The process of withdrawing earnings to PayPal, then transferring to my bank has been problem-free. I’ve been using Swagbucks since October 2020 and have yet to earn enough for a $10 gift card. I just started using Checkout 51 and find their offers quite limited. I hope this helps.

Re: Swagbucks

Deal Sharer

I have noticed the same thing with the checkout 51. Most of the offers I've seen aren't ones I use. I don't have paypal or a bank account so I'm trying all cash back apps that are easy to use and allow me to cash out to a gift card of my choice. So any other recommendations are welcome and greatly appreciated.