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Target Coupon Question

Rewards Hunter

Does anyone know how many coupons Target will take in one transaction. Of course, those coupons not being all the same. Ex. 4 of type A coupon, 2 of type B, 3 of type C. 



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Re: Target Coupon Question

Deal Expert

All stores are different ask your store. My store takes all my coupons when I give them with no problems I did about 40 at 1 time

Re: Target Coupon Question

Deal Master

@Xis  Check the wording on the coupon also - some of them say you can only use 4 of the same at 1 time.  Usually the cashiers are pretty flexible.  

Re: Target Coupon Question

Deal Master

Several of the Target stores near me won't take coupons at the self-serve lanes.  As was mentioned, each store could have a policy that is slightly different.  More than 4 of the same kind is usually not allowed, but some coupons have their own restrictions.  I believe the registers automatically reduce the coupon value if the coupon is for more than the item cost.  

As for the total number of coupons, I would think there is no limit, but no store wants to tie up a register if you have hundreds, especially this time of year.  I think if you talked with a manager, told them your intentions and asked when the best time would be to come in, they would love it.  They make money on the sale and the coupons are refunded back to them.