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Target linked account issues

Rewards Hunter

For the last 3 target transactions, I had to contact the Ibotta Care Team to get credit for all of my rebates. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Re: Target linked account issues

Deal Expert

I don't link anything too many people with problems. unlink and scan your receipt.

Re: Target linked account issues

Super Saver

When I was a newbie to ibotta, I had a less than ideal experience when I linked my Target account to ibotta. I promptly unlinked it and now limit my ibotta shopping to receipt scan in-store purchases.

I don't know if you have that option, but I find receipt-scan to be much more reliable, predictable, easier to track, than linking my loyalty/store account.

From this forum, it sounds as tho linking Target/ibotta has more issues than linking other stores (e.g. walmart).

Sorry to hear about your issue here.

Re: Target linked account issues

Deal Master

@Leia ,unlink account. Many have had the problem w Target. I scan all receipts & rebates are almost immediate,Target can sometimes take up to 1 hr.

Re: Target linked account issues

Deal Master


For us in Florida, it is easy to say "unlink your account and shop in-store".  But many states are almost shut down because of Covid-19 and many do not want to go inside and shop.  Unfortunately, ordering from Target Online means linking.

I wish Ibotta would allow a third option, like Walmart.  I can purchase certain items from and get a percentage back from Ibotta.  Target no longer has this option.

My wife wanted a book that was cheapest at Target.  Of course, there wasn't an individual rebate at Target.  So, I ended up buying it directly from Target, no Ibotta savings.  I could have bought a gift card, but I only got free shipping if I used my Target Red Card.  The 5% I got back from Target was more than I would have gotten from a gift card or Ibotta rebate.

Re: Target linked account issues

Rewards Hunter

Thank you!

Re: Target linked account issues


I have had issues too. I contact them and they have given me the credit for the missing rebates. 

Re: Target linked account issues

Core Shopper

I ordered online yesterday for in store pickup and dont have any rebates yet- im skeptical that theyre going to come at all

Re: Target linked account issues

Deal Sharer

I have same issue with Weis n my card being linked 

Re: Target linked account issues

Shopping Enthusiast

I gave up on trying to use Link my Ibotta account with Target. 

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