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Target Shop - 4 items (3 with Ibotta) - $0.00 OOP

Deal Sharer

Good Afternoon All:

Not sure if this is posted in the correct forum (apologies if not).  I was at Target today and managed to add three (3) additional items towards my bonuses, without any printed coupons or OOP (after Ibottas).

NOTE:  This does not account for sales tax, depending on where you are and I used the Red Card for the additional 5% off and a reusable bag for $0.05:

1.  Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Boost Shampoo - 17 oz (bonus 25% bottle which is 13.5 oz) - $4.59 less 20% with Target Circle - $2.00 rebate from Ibotta

2.  Burt's Bees Extra White Toothpaste - 4.7 oz - $6.39 less $2.00 Target Circle coupon - $2.00 rebate from Ibotta

3.  Colgate Renewal Toothpaste - 3 oz - $6.99 less $3.00 Target Circle coupon - $3.00 rebate from Ibotta

4.  Plackers Micro Mint Flossers - 90 count - $2.29 less 20% Target Circle

After the Target Circle coupons and discounts, and adding in sales tax it should be approximately $12.00.....but it will get you the $5 Target gift card for purchasing $20 of select beauty care items and then the $7.00 rebates from Ibotta.

From my perspective, it is a WIN (3 Ibottas towards bonus) and WIN (more quality items for charitable donation).

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Re: Target Shop - 4 items (3 with Ibotta) - $0.00 OOP


@into10s   Nice shop!  I just did the $5/$20 at Target yesterday. I really wanted to try the Garnier hair mask so this is the deal I put together:

Garnier hair mask $5.79. -2 TC -2 Ibotta $1.79

Softsoap 1.85 -0.50 Ibotta. $1.35

Burts Bees TP. $4.99 -2 TC. -2 Ibotta. $0.99

Colgate Renewal TP $6.99. -3 TC. -3 Ibotta  $0.99

with the $5 back and the 5% discount it was all free.  I love that the offer doesn’t disappear when you use it and if I get the chance to go back before it ends I’ll try to use your Palmers deal. 

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Target Shop - 4 items (3 with Ibotta) - $0.00 OOP


Thanks for sharing 


Re: Target Shop - 4 items (3 with Ibotta) - $0.00 OOP

Rewards Whiz

@into10s  Great Deals. 

My Target app doesn't have the 20% off the Palmers Shampoo, but I do have a $2.00 off coupon in Target Circle.