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Thanksgiving dinner for free RIGHT

Rewards Hunter

So I added the app to my browser and it let me add the items to my list on my phone app .After i got the items i scanned the receipt and everything came up except the turkey and the instant potatoes in which I scanned both the potatoes and the turkey and the turkey came up ok and submitted the receipt and it said ok or submitted .So why didnt the cash back show up on my account today. I submitted an ticket about the potatoes to ibotta and still waiting for a response. I resubmitted my receipt again and it went through. So this makes no sense .What did I do wrong

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Re: Thanksgiving dinner for free RIGHT

Deal Master

Possibly nothing.  With so many people trying to get this deal, the system could just be having issues with the load.

I was lucky to get this deal on November 4th with no issues.  I went in store and scanned my receipt.  This is still the easiest way to use Ibotta.

You will have to wait for Ibotta Customer Support to get to your request.  It is taking a week right now.  Be patient.  They will get to you.

Make sure you included a copy of your receipt and any screenshots with your request.  To add them now, go to Account, then Help.  You can view all your requests and then add comments and attachments.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.