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Thanksgiving dinner

Rewards Hunter

So I did the Wal-Mart free Thanksgiving Giveaway. Wal-Mart had to substitute two of my items because they were out of stock. How can I get credit for the substitute. It was The green beans and the stuffing.

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Re: Thanksgiving dinner

Rewards Hunter

Unforunately you can't get credit for the substitute. The offer that's offered through Ibotta is for those specific items and weights. So unfortunately,  there's isn't anything they can do as far as credit for the redemption goes. Sorry. The same thing happened to me. Hope this answer helps!

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Re: Thanksgiving dinner

Deal Expert

Why would they give you credit for an item that is not for the rebate. It's like having a rebate for apples and you buy pineapple. Not the same. You have to get the item that the rebate is for read the fine print on them it tells you exactly what you need. Take this as a lesson learned. Just go to a different walmart if you can to get the items you need or ask your store to order them for you.


Re: Thanksgiving dinner


I’m sorry you will not get credit for substitutions. I don’t online order from Walmart because I hate when they substitute. I always purchase my Ibotta products in person. If you’re in the store, you can scan your item to make sure you got the right stuff. I always scan my receipt before I leave the store so I don’t forget or loss the receipt. 

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Re: Thanksgiving dinner

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I also am sorry with the trouble you have had.  I just started using FETCH and rebates, and it has been a struggle, and I am not sure how to communicate with them, etc etc.  So I feel your pain, and it can be a bit overwhelming to have all these new things to learn.

I believe I remember someone saying that you can set it up so WM does not do substitutions.  If so, that may be your best bet in the future to avoid this situation.  I am unashamedly unlinked with all stores because of all these situations.  I prefer to pick my own stuff up and be in control of returns, substitutious, etc.  I realize some have to rely on delivery and pickup, but for me it just is not worth the hassle.  And I am a control freak too..  So there is that.

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Re: Thanksgiving dinner

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Walmart Grocery Pickup gives you the option to not replace individual items with substitutions . They also send you a message to approve or refuse any substitutions around 40 minutes before your scheduled pick up time.  I always turn off substitutions for ibotta items.  For non-ibotta items I have gotten some great deals because they only charge you the price of the item you ordered.  I have saved a lot when they substitute larger sizes and more expensive products.