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The resolution causes a conflict

Super Saver

I contacted the Care Team to issue credit for the Talking rain & Sparkling ice earn more bonus...


The bonus requires purchasing 2 unique Sparkling ice products 


I purchased the required products in the specified quantities and received rebates for each. 


The earn more bonus was credited for one of the linked products.  

The Care Team issued me a credit for the missing bonus.  

Well this creates another issue,  what happens when I purchase another unique Sparkling ice product?  Will it activate the bonus and issue me a reward manually entered? 

Why is it the avatar for the EMB was not or could not be removed from my gallery?

With all the account audits I would hate to have my ibotta account locked for $1.00.. 

Has anyone else had any issues like this or similar to this??

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Re: The resolution causes a conflict

Deal Master


Just my educated guess.   I seriously doubt a situation like yours would EVER trigger an audit or account lock.  I personally assume that accepting the auto-selected products, that you neither purchased nor selected on your own, would do so either.  Lie everything else, if this is considered a 'loophole', and a person exploits every 'loophole', perhaps that could be considered for an account lock.  I have to believe that for the most part the account locks are usually driven by intentional bad acts.

Regarding the EMB not being credited.  I did have a bonus that did not trigger when terms were satisfied, and I was not aware at the time, but on expiration day, I got  an unexpected, albeit previously earned, bonus.  So it is in theory possible that you could get credit even if you don't purchase again.  


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Re: The resolution causes a conflict

Skilled Saver

I think if it's an error on Ibotta's end, you aren't in trouble. If you do your part in good faith but the Ibotta bots do something else, I don't think the Care team needs more work, if their error was in your favor (as long as it's not for a huge sum). If the error is against you, then you should send a ticket in to correct. 

I have had a time or 2 that I didn't get a bonus credit when the care team gave me credit for the offer but it didn't reflect in the in progress bonuses as a credit. It all evens out eventually.