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Re: Third Mile Marker

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I buy a lot of the beverages and Yoplait.

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Re: Third Mile Marker

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What I would suggest is to get out of the Ibotta app, then clear the cache for Ibotta.  You will have to log in again.  Once you are in, go to the Earn More tab at the bottom.  It may come back.

I had to do this with another bonus that "disappeared" before I could select it.

Hope this helps.

Re: Third Mile Marker

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chips for me😎

Re: Third Mile Marker

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@FelskyNY  1982 😎


Re: Third Mile Marker


Pie crust 😎


Re: Third Mile Marker

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The watermelon coupon is pretty worthless to me because it is too early for the watermelon sales. 

I have bought so much junk recently that there is no room in the fridge anyway.

I had good timing yesterday:  Kroger was putting out 2-lb packs of 73/27 ground beef at 99¢/lb.  While I prefer chuck or sirloin, I couldn't pass up on the price  So I bought three of those.  $5.94 for 6 lbs of hamburger


I found 52-oz jugs of Tropicana, marked down from $3.79 to 38¢ each.  I got three of those for $1.14

I also got 4 jugs of SunnyD.   They were on sale for $1 each; but I had a catalina for $1.50 off of two, and a store printed Q for 75¢ off of any $4 in juice.  So the 4 SunnyDs were $1X4=$4-$1.50-$.0.75 = $1.75 

And there is no room in my freezer at all because of all the blue bunny, klondike shakes/cones, popsicle twisters, etc Oh and the two 8-packs of FREE yoplait last week (or was it this week).   It all happens so

So I will be making several hamburger meals the next day or two.

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Re: Third Mile Marker

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This id yoo cute!😁

Did I just type in a secret code? Oops!


Re: Third Mile Marker

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I feel the squeeze!!!

Me: Hey babe! What do you think about buying another freezer?

Lee: Are you crazy???