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Re: Tips for new Ibotta users

Deal Master


I almost exclusively add from general categories.   It is just what works for me, and I have not had one issue.

Regarding #13, I am not even sure what it is talking about.   Are you talking about a product bonus?  If so, I often purchase the multiples required on the same receipt to satisfy them.  If you are talking about larger bonuses, I am not sure what you are trying to say.   Maybe reword #13 completely.  You can't submit the same offer from two different stores on the same day anyway, so of course it will count as one.  And the start confuses must ..on different days...I get lost.

Regarding #16, you should never resubmit a receipt to correct an issue of partial credit (e.g. got paid for 3 but bought 5).   That requires a ticket. 

Lots of good thoughts there.

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