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Tired of not getting my credits.

Rewards Hunter

I have submitted for the last weeks and no credit on items that I have sent to this company two times.  Every time I try to ask what is taking so long, they say that they apologize and that I need to sent the receipt again.  Now I am connected to this with Walmart and have been.  I don't understand why I have to keep sending the same receipts and the barcode on my products over three times.  Something is wrong here.  I don't have to use this company for anything.  

It is too frustrating and I am not getting anywhere or anything solved

Michelle Scott

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Re: Tired of not getting my credits.

Deal Expert

The accounts you are linked with did you click on the items 1st then shop for them? Liked credit takes normally 48 hours but people have stated 3-5 days some longer. I never link because of that I scan receipts and they go right through. You also have to read the fine print and make sure you get the items that are listed size, flavor etc.


Re: Tired of not getting my credits.


One thing I like to do is pull my app and rebates up while shopping. Click on the rebate you have chosen and then use the feature that lets you scan the barcode to make sure the item you have is on the rebate. This can save you many headaches, time and frustration.