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Re: Today's Shopping Trip !!!! 10-6-21

Skilled Saver

@Rickibotta  what are you trying to say?  LOL.  You don’t have much luck with FA?  I’ve had some good gigs with using it but I’m sure it depends on your location and other factors.


Re: Today's Shopping Trip !!!! 10-6-21

Deal Master


I am just being a whiny boy.

The other agent just makes me mad.  If I am doing a $3 bounty, it better be 1 pic and 1 question for someone I am already going to.  

I also limit my chances at jobs because I am too honest in my ticket jobs. I need to start saying I have 12 chikdren under 18, some in each age band, and I should say I have numerous pets.    Lolol


“about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"