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Trouble with receipts

Rewards Hunter

Hi,I've been trying to upload my receipts from Walmart,  Publix,  Petsmart and always get the screen that I have to add offers, so I have to click never mind and never get any point. Is there any way, that I could skip that part?

Thank you in advance 

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Re: Trouble with receipts

Deal Master

You must select the items you plan to purchase before you buy them.  I always check my Ibotta app to make sure the offers are still there (they sometimes expire early) and that they have been selected.

After I pay for my items, I scan the receipt, sometimes right in the store.  I have had a rebate expire before I get home.

Ibotta is a rebate program.  It's kind of like mail-in rebates but you don't have to mail it in.  You must buy specific items and only when they match do you get money back.

If you shop without looking at Ibotta first, how will you know what to buy?  With so many products, it would be random chance that you actually get any to match.

When I make up my shopping list, I start with Ibotta first and then add in the other items I need.  This will increase your earnings.