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trying to cash out

Rewards Hunter

Yesterday I tried to cash out my earning with Ibotta, however, when I tried to cash out my 48 dollars and some odd change and it logged me out and when I logged back in the money was gone and I never got a chance to add my account information to transfer the funds.  I dont understand where the earned monies went and how do I get it back? Can someone please help me because there is not a phone number I can call Ibotta to see what happened.

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Re: trying to cash out

Deal Expert

Do yoiu have paypal or bank account linked to your phone app? It wouldn't just go away like that. Ibotta doesn't have a number you need to put in a ticket for it. The only thing I can think of is did you not use iibotta for 6 months or more they take out a fee every month until you reach 0 or you start using it again it is in the terms you agreed to when you signed up