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Two e-mail addresses, still locked out from withdrawing


Hi all,

This might be long but I'll try to keep it succinct. I need to vent this 😄 

I have two e-mail addresses. I'll use a fake name as an example.

I had a previous account with Ibotta under my Yahoo for about a year. I decided to cancel / delete my account last summer because Ibotta had gotten tedious with frequent missing credits, asking to scan barcodes of items to verify my receipt, and constantly having to watch videos. The only way to close your Ibotta account is by e-mailing Ibotta requesting closure. If you didn't know, Ibotta doesn't actually delete your account. They just deactivate it, keeping all of your personal info on file.

I recently decided I wanted to join Ibotta again after reading more positive reviews of the service. I tried to "sign up" with my Yahoo e-mail again. It went though! I immediately starting purchasing items. After I had $8 in my account, I tried to verify my device, but verification was declined because Ibotta said my ph# was attached to another account. What?

I then went into my settings and saw that the e-mail address for my new account was (with the dot). I NEVER sign up for anything with my gmail e-mail. I only have it for my Nest Aware system and only get alerts from my doorbell on that account. I am convinced that I tried to sign up with my Yahoo and Ibotta saw that the account was deactivated and switched the domain to Gmail to see if that would work and get another sign up. When it did work (legit email address), it let me in. As any Gmail user knows, you can add a dot anywhere in your e-mail address and it will still go through. If I do enter my Gmail anywhere, it's, never, ever ever have I used anywhere. This convinces me that Ibotta flipped the domain from what I entered for my Yahoo and it happened to go through, unbeknownst to me.

Now I had $8 on my new account but I couldn't withdraw it because my account wasn't verified. I used my Google Voice ph# to verify my device and that appears to have worked. In the meantime (this was probably my mistake), I e-mailed Ibotta on 12/15/20 and requested reactivation of my Yahoo account so I could use my regular ph#.

On 12/24/20, I hit the $20 threshold on my new Gmail account. Also on 12/24/20, Ibotta reactivated my Yahoo account, and then locked my Gmail account from withdrawing funds. Conveniently! I submitted a help ticket right away on 12/24/20 asking why I was locked from withdrawing funds, and didn't receive a response until 1/1 that it was because I now had 2 accounts open. Ughhh. In my mind, they waited until I had hit the $20 threshold on my new account to reopen my old account, and now I had "two accounts open." He said I had to choose which one I wanted to close - the one with $0.00 in it (that had just been reactivated by them) or the one with $30 - my new account. Of course I responded and said to close the Yahoo account again with $0.

It's now been 4 days and still no response to that reply. I still can't withdraw my funds. I'm super frustrated by everything that has gone on. I have half a mind to go return the items I bought back to the grocery store (most of the $30 came from protein bars I was buying for my husband that he hasn't eaten yet) to try to recoup some of my money back. I bought the food because of the rebates.

So just a cautionary tale. If you do decide to ever request "deactivation" of your account, be sure to remove your ph# first (if you can) and all banking related info, because Ibotta keeps it on file. Thank you for letting me vent!