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Updated: Tips for New Users to maximize their earnings


Tips for New Ibotta Users to maximize their earnings. I posted this before under “A Boatload of tips” and I think new users can benefit from this updated post.

  1. Download and use the Ibotta App on your smartphone. 
  2. Add rebates to “your list” in the Ibotta App  for each retailer before going shopping. 
  3. Recommend that you DO NOT add rebates from the general tabs, (Hot Items, Buy Again, Hot Items, Best For you) for some unknown reason, they don’t usually get added to the specific category. Check out the new items, best values etc. Then ADD ITEMS to the official categories to the right of Dairy & Eggs >Pantry, Beverages etc. 
  4. Note all rebates are not available at all retailers, the available rebates vary. Don’t assume that a rebate is available at all retailers. Check each retailer. 
  5. Take a photo of your receipt in a well lighted area. Touch the screen of your phone and set flash to “on” to improve the focus and clarity when scanning. 
  6. Submit receipts immediately, the same day if possible, there is a time limit, I think it is 7 days from the date of purchase. 
  7. Recommend logging in to the wifi at your store when shopping and check the “product bar codes” in the Ibotta App before purchasing rebate items. Also check that you have added the rebate to your “shopping list” for the retailer in the App. 
  8. Linking your store card sounds good but they need to do better with this feature. Receiving credit can take 1-3 days and sometimes does not capture all your rebates. I tried it but have since unlinked my cards. It works about 50% of the time and then I have to submit a ticket with photos to resolve the missing rebates. Try it and decide for yourself. 
  9. It helps to use the store app. Add your items to your shopping cart or shopping list in the store app. It will give you the location by aisle (and available discounts and coupons) and reduce your shopping time. 
  10. I usually take a photo of the rebate offers in case I need to submit them if I fail to get the credit. Note if you use an offer it usually disappears for about 24 hours (from all retailers), even if you did not get the credit.  They reappear about in 24 hours if they haven’t expired. 
  11. If purchasing a lot of items at the store, I recommend ringing up your rebate items on a separate (shorter) receipt. You can now submit a long receipt in parts, try not to overlap rebate items, it may cause your rebate to be pending to resolve. 
  12. While you will earn multiples of the rebate when purchasing multiple items of the same offer on the same day (receipt) the purchase will only count as ONE item for bonuses. 
  13. YOU MUST purchase rebate items on different days (24 hrs apart) for them to count multiple times to earn your bonuses. Remember that offers disappear for 24 hours after you upload and earn the rebate (even if available from multiple retailers) before they can be added to your list again. Purchasing the item at multiple retailers on the same day will count as 1item for your bonus offers. 
  14. “Pick up” orders are credited on the day of the pick up, you must wait 24 hours and allow the rebates to reset before purchasing the same items in the store. 
  15. Note: you may use paper and/or electronic coupons on the rebate items you purchase if they are available. 
  16. When redeeming your rebates: If the first submission does not recognize all your rebates, resubmit the receipt again immediately. That usually captures all the missing rebates without submitting a ticket. (I have submitted the same receipt 3 times with successful immediate resolution).
  17. If at first you did not get credit for all the rebates you purchase, click the “add items” button. That will show all items added to “your list”, check the missing rebate item(s) you purchased, scan the barcode if asked, and add all your purchased items. That usually resolves missing rebates, if not, try re-submitting the receipt. If not, click the button under the declaration of your earnings titled (Need help, Contact Ibotta Care) and indicate which rebates are missing, this will generate a ticket and Ibotta Help desk will contact you and give you the opportunity to resolve the missing rebates. 
  18. If you forgot to add an item to your list and did not notice before starting the “redeem” process, try searching the item and checking it before completing your upload, or, if uploaded, resubmitting the receipt after adding it. It usually works. 
  19. If you still did not get credit for all your rebates, submit a ticket to the help desk with a copy of your receipt for consideration along with photos of your offers if you have them.  This works 100% of the time for missing credits. Be patient with the help desk. They are 100% responsive. If you do not agree, resubmit with more details. This works 100% of the time. 
  20. If your earnings are “pending” and are missing rebate items that you purchased, be patient. Missing rebates are usually resolved before it is finalized. 
  21. Most supermarkets have “clip- less” coupons available. These are usually the “Sunday Paper” coupons. In order to use them and “double dip” or stack your savings with Ibotta, use the following steps:  
    • Download the Store App and link it to your loyalty card. 
    • Place the items you plan to purchase in the cart and “clip” the clip-less coupons. (they usually appear in the cart but you have to click on them to “clip “ them).
    • Since your card will be linked to the app, the coupons will be applied when you check out using your loyalty card. 
    • Then upload your receipt (or link your loyalty card in Ibotta) and watch the savings add up!
  22. Using those “Any Brand/Item” offers count towards all bonuses and can even count as two offers if you purchase a branded item. Add them to your list. 
  23. Remember, paying at Walmart or other retailers with an Ibotta gift card counts as an offer. 
  24. If the App is not accepting the barcode when you scan your receipt, consider manually entering the Walmart receipt code to submit a receipt for credit. 
  25. Consider buying a gift card if you need a credit to earn a bonus. $15 Barnes & Noble or $10 Walmart gift cards are my “go to” credits. 
  26. To be added to a team if you are an Ibotta user, follow these 3 steps:  
    • Step 1- You must “friend” each other on Facebook 
    • Step 2- Find Ibotta on Facebook and like the page then open the app from the “Use the App” link. (May not be necessary)  
    • Step 3. Go to the Ibotta App. Click on: Account then Settings then Linked Accounts and Add and link Facebook. We suggest you unlink and link a couple of times.   
    • Then about 24-72 hours later you should see each other on your team in the Ibotta App. 
  27. Consider other apps to double dip your savings like Fetch, Coupons .com and Swagbucks. 
  28. Check this Ibotta Community forum often for additional tips. Ask questions if you have challenges, someone will offer helpful advice.  
  29. BE PATIENT and POLITE! The Ibotta App works. You have to pay attention to the rules and organize your shopping trips and you’ll get better as you use it more often.  The cash back you earn will make the effort all worth it.
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Re: Updated: Tips for new users.

Rewards Whiz

This is a great list, thank you!

Re: Updated: Tips for new users.

Deal Expert

Maybe add a tip regarding manually entering Walmart Receipt code to submit a receipt for credit, as a work around for credit issues. Seems to pop up a lot in posts. 

Good thorough guide.