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Very Irritated

Rewards Hunter

So I don't know if anyone else had this problem. So Lane Bryant had a bonus where you spend $130 and you get a $10 bonus. So 4-5 days ago I spend about $136 on Lane Bryant only for Lane Bryant to send me an email today saying they cancelled one of my items and now only charged my Lane Bryant charge card only $123 which I think is going to **bleep** up my bonus. I'm not happy with Lane Bryant for waiting 5 days to cancel my item and thank you Lane Bryant for **bleep** me out of my $10 bonus. 

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Re: Very Irritated


I would be upset as well.  Not sure what can be done about it. 


Re: Very Irritated


Try to contact them and explain that since you list the bonus you are cancelling the whole order and see if they will give you $10 off. 


Re: Very Irritated

Deal Master

This is why I never make online purchases expecting to get the rebates.   I look at them as bonuses only.

It isn't the retailer's fault.   A lot of them take several days to fulfill orders all depending on the complexities of their order fulfillment policies and inventory sharing.  In some cases, their taking several days will work to your advantage because they will be able to complete your entire order

It isn't your fault of course.  I understand your frustration.

It is unfortunate, but I am not sure what can be done about it.    You could call up LB and politely explain the situation to them.   They may have some courtesy credit they could offer.

Good luck.

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