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Walgreens online....BaaayyyBaaayyyy!

Skilled Saver

***sorry in advance for the long post, lol***

So there I was last night 2am, couldn't sleep so why not look for deals 🤷‍right?? I went to Walgreens. Com and looked through their clearance section (nothing there but makeup items) so then I checked the sale section and hit it big.... a couple FREE ITEMS! ....HOWEVER...there is a disclaimer....the items would have to be shipped to my house, and to avoid paying shipping (5.99) I would have to have a 35.00 purchase...SO THIS DEAL MAY NOT BE FOR EVERYONE.....but it fits my budget and it was items I needed anyway, and of course I got W-cash back ......




 .....literally FREE! ...32OZ! This time last year people were giving blood for 2oz 🤣 wasn't a MM, they took off .75 only.


 ...the suave had a 1.00 off of three so it came out to 3/4.00 (1.33ea) ...I usually get these for 2.00 ....about 2 bottles every 10 days , so this was good! 

The soaftsoap was 0.49 (this deal is in the flyer, 3.50 off coupon)


 Free toothpaste....when you buy 2 (4.00 instantly off , plus 4.00 back in W-cash)

The old spice had a 3.00 off they were 2/4.00 which is a good price.



 A 25oz bottle of handsoap for a Quarter! 😎


 I love these freaking Dawn sprays, was hooked after the first spray! I've ordered 4 of these before from Walgreens online. This is what I use to help get to that $35 threshold. They are 4/20.00 and save 6.00 when you buy that comes down to 14.00 ( 3.50 per bottle!...ILL TAKE IT!!!) This was the lowest I have EVER seen these anywhere.

Paper plates 0.99 (nothing new here, they always have this deal) 

>>>>>Summary ....




36.40 paid online - 15.52 back in Walgreens cash = final cost 20.88 for 18 items   or 1.16 per item! 🎉🎉😎

EVERYONE does their breakdown and "win" celebration differently...this is just how I do mine and wanted to share. I treat Walgreens cash as if someone handed me back 15.00 in cash. I also like seeing how many items I'm getting and break the 'haul' down by average price per item too. Thanks for letting me celebrate with such a LONG post! Lol


Moment of silence for the offer that never made it (as I was checking out it was removed and said it was no longer available) 


 All 4 would have been free using the coupon attached. Oh well 🤷‍...while I didnt get this deal, I was able to remember to go and add the "get 5.00 when you spend 20.00" on the Walgreens coupon that helped ease the pain 🤣😎

Anyway....that is all I wanted to share with you all...couponing at 2 am! 🙄 life 😎🤣