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Walkers and Runners - Save Big


I meant to post this earlier today, but time got away from me. Many of you know I’m an avid walker/runner (14 miles/day). I wouldn’t be able to do it without quality footwear and orthotic insoles. I spent years trying to find the best combination of shoes and insoles at a price I could afford. It was a huge relief on my feet and my wallet, when I found these two companies.

Please note, I’m not affiliated with either of these companies. I don’t receive anything in return for posting these offers. I’m just a happy customer.  



I’ve been a customer with Fit2Run and Aetrex for more than a year, and I have been thoroughly impressed with everything about them. Aetrex is based in New Jersey, and Fit2Run is based in my home state of Florida. The level of customer service at these companies is unmatched and hard to find anywhere else. 

Both companies have incredible loyalty programs, so make sure to read and understand how each program works. Aetrex has only one choice, and you’ll be enrolled automatically with your first purchase. Fit2Run offers two options: a standard program, which includes free shipping on $40+ orders and points accrual, or a premium program ($30 annual fee), which includes free shipping, double points accrual, and more.

If you’re like me and need new shoes every 45-60 days, the Fit2Run Club is well worth its $30 membership fee. In addition to earning double points, you get 10% off all regular-priced items and a 30-day fit guarantee, which means if you’ve worn a pair of shoes and don’t like them, you can return them with no questions asked. You also get exclusive access to special sales and early notification of sales. For example, I received a personal phone call yesterday to let me know a special Easter sale would start at 4am today. The sale includes an additional 10% off my brand of choice, and it can be stacked with my 10% club discount (a rare opportunity). I ordered three new pairs! 

Of course, 3 new pairs of shoes meant I needed 3 new sets of orthotic inserts, and Aetrex was offering 25% off my insoles of choice. Plus, I had earned a $20 off coupon. It was a win-win. I’ve reached the Aetrex platinum loyalty level, which comes with free shipping as one of its perks; however, your first order qualifies for free shipping when you sign-up for the Aetrex newsletter. I’ve always been able to find free shipping codes for my orders, so don’t ever pay for shipping. If you need help, just let me know.


Fit2Run is also an authorized retailer of Aetrex insoles, and today’s discount applies to insoles. Be sure to compare insole prices between the two websites. 

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