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WALMART 10/13 mini-haul

Deal Master


 Finished my bonus at Walmart. 

Cheetos coupon did NOT go through so I called and let Cheetos know and they are sending me a coupon. 

My store finally had the Green Giant riced veggies in stock so I bought 3 to maximize the 1 Ibotta and .50 bonus.  Final cost, approx 3/$4. 

The $2/3 Quaker coupon DID go through so the final cost was .31/3. This was a tear pad coupon found in Shoprite and expires on 10/15

Coke coffee and tea were free and my bonuses are all complete!

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Re: WALMART 10/13 mini-haul

Core Shopper

I bought 3 of those GG rice veggies when they were on Swagbucks and IB ....I think they were less than .50 for each bag. I added them to a pasta casserole I made, it gave it a bit more body.... worked out well. Hope you like them! @FelskyNY 

Re: WALMART 10/13 mini-haul

Deal Master

@MeLMeL11  I have been looking for them since the SB offer was out.  I could never find the smaller bags in store, so when I saw them, I was really pleased