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Walmart Hallmark Offer

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Just a heads up Walmart Ibotta Shoppers.  I bought the Holiday cards at Walmart (free) and I knew there was a bonus for buying an ornament too but I completely forgot.  With the bonus, you will get a total of $2 back from Ibotta.  You will get the .50 ornament offer AND the $1.50 bonus. It can be done on separate shopping trips or together with the cards. Use the overage from the cards to get something really cute for your tree or to give as a gift.

Remember not everyone has the same offers for the same stores or quantities.  Always double check and Scan. Scan. Scan.

Remember, measure twice, cut once.

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Re: Walmart Hallmark Offer

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not every walmart sells hallmark cards...they sell ornaments and boxed cards...ibotta should add more stores for this bonus.....ibotta is walmart driven which is making it hard for us to do any offers....

Re: Walmart Hallmark Offer

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@Maryjr  I agree it can be frustrating when you can't find certain offers.  I find that at a local Walmart Grocery.  I'm happy to do the offers that I can when I can. I find that some of the offers are better in the grocery stores which double coupons or even Target with TC deals. I just bought Scotties at Walmart because they were on Ibotta, were on sale at Walmart and I had 2 coupons, otherwise I could have done the same offer at Shoprite with double coupon.  I did that with Dixie - I bought them at Shoprite because the .75 coupon doubled and it was on Shopkicks, so I got them cheaper by NOT going to Walmart.  @Rickibotta shops at Kroger all the time and gets amazing deals.  But I do love getting free cards.  I got 3 at Walmart yesterday and 4 at CVS, both moneymakers.