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Walmart linked account

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I shopped at Walmart today and my account is linked.  I noticed after I came home that there was an Ibotta offer for something I purchased so I didn’t have it checked off in my gallery.  I tried to unlink my account and submit my receipt again for just that one item but it said that my receipt was already submitted from when my account was linked.  Also while I was shopping an any receipt offer was added into the gallery that I didn’t see.  If I submit a ticket will I get credit for both of these?  I know that if my account wasn’t linked I could add these offers to my list and scan the receipt again.  Im just not sure how it works for accounts that are linked.


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Re: Walmart linked account

Rewards Hunter

I am in total agreement. I have considered checking all offers then nothing would get missed (lol, maybe) the .10 any item automatic rebate causes a receipt to become  previously submitted in error. Shameful


Re: Walmart linked account

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@Kristilynn0031 not 100% sure if you'll get credit for those via the ticket but it's worth a try! I would specifically ask them to credit for it.


Re: Walmart linked account

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If it were me, I would avoid a ticket, return the one item you now have an offer for, and just repurchase after adding that offer as well as the any receipt.   That way you will know it has been taken care of and you get two redemptions..   If you are not planning to go to WM in the next week, then a ticket makes sense.

Regarding the any receipt.   I got an any receipt one morning.   I added the offer and submitted a WM receipt from the prior night that I had submitted, but it did not have an any receipt offer used, so It credited me the 10¢ offer.  Then a day or two later, it reversed the any receipt offer.  I had not returned anything from that receipt.   So, there is no clear reason why it reversed.   I did not open a ticket because the any receipts refresh so often it would be difficult for them to check.   So going forward I won't redeem an any receipt offer for a prior purchase. 

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