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Rewards Hunter

When checking out at Walmart Monday night we were in a rush and accidentally checked out using my husband's Ibotta with my Walmart Pay. Will he still get credit for the offers or does he need to submit the receipt? If so does the receipt have to be submitted to his Ibotta account or can the receipt be submitted to my Ibotta account? Walmart rebates usually are posted by now. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!!








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Deal Master

If you linked Ibotta with YOUR Walmart Pay, the receipt information will be sent to YOUR Ibotta.

Walmart Pay does not require Ibotta when you check out when you are linked.  In other words, you don't run Ibotta and then select Walmart, then Walmart Pay.  You simply open the Walmart app in the store and select Walmart Pay and then scan the QR code at the register.

If you use Walmart Pay, you will NOT get a receipt unless you are more creative.  I always pay with a penny and then Walmart Pay.  A receipt will be printed, unless you are at one of the newer self-serv registers (font on the screen is tiny!!).  Thanks, @Dana 

It could take a couple days to get credit in Ibotta.  I don't have my Ibotta and Walmart Pay linked at this time, so I don't know how long it should take.  If you don't see anything within 48 hours, I would open a request and include screenshots of your receipt from Walmart Purchase History.  You may also need to take pictures of each item and each UPC.

Good luck.