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Walmart Thanksgiving Deal

Rewards Hunter

So I purchased everything except the 2 items that the deal was unavailable for. Scanned my receipt, everything went through, now 2 days later the money isn't in my account and it's not showing up anywhere at all. What went wrong? Had anybody else had theirs disappear? Also, how do I contact customer service to get this fixed? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you

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Re: Walmart Thanksgiving Deal

Deal Expert

normally it take up to 48 hours to credit but people have stated 3-5 days some longer. You can scroll to the bottom of this page click contact us and put in a ticket or go to your account in the app scroll to help then click  3 lines upper right corner then click submit a request. It can take up to a week or more for them to answer you since people put in tickets for every little thing.

Re: Walmart Thanksgiving Deal


I basically had the same problem…  cranberry sauce was not available in the store but everything else was on the receipt I submitted. I contacted customer support through the app and they responded a few days later asking me to submit copies of the receipt and to list items I was requesting rebates… I submitted the requested information and had not heard anything back for several days so I contacted them again and they have responded today to the submitted receipt and items list saying they would forward it to the appropriate area ..

I have since submitted another receipt and that rebate has already shown up on my account.
I tried to resubmit my thanksgiving dinner receipt but it would not allow me to because it was outside of the timeframe for submission.

app is way too time intense... first you have to select offers (it should be designed so that when you scan a receipt it automatically matches offers that you can accept or decline), then you have to shop for the specific items & submit the receipt in a specified timeframe.
I tried this app about a 16 months ago and had problems with it not matching items that fit the description… Resolution process was tedious at best with little satisfaction... that’s why I stopped using the app but when they put out the free dinner promotion I thought I would give it another try that maybe it had improved in the past year😔