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Super Saver

I shopped the thanksgiving deal tonight and found everything but the cranberry sauce and the turkey I wanted. I will try again at another store this weekend. I also completed the weekend warrior bonus - spent $25.95 and got $15.70 back through Ibotta. Besides the 7 free items, I bought Mac and cheese, Icy Hot Dry Spray, lemonade and 2 bags of candy. 

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Re: Walmart

Rewards Hunter

Good job. I did the Thanksgiving offer today as well. I was also unable to find the Great Value Cran sauce, only Oceanspray. Oh well. I got $24.48 back on 13 offers. I'm happy! 

This isn't even going to be our Turkey Day Dinner. I work a union shop and get a bird for the holiday😄

I am going to make a basket for a family of 4 and donate it.

Happy Saving!!

Re: Walmart

Rewards Hunter

What is the weekend Warrior bonus?