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what about a super 1 foods reciept with no bar code

Rewards Hunter

has no barcode how do you upload it ..aslo add me if you like for teammates

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Re: what about a super 1 foods reciept with no bar code

Deal Expert

I don't know about  no barcode that you need thr barcode to dcan as for teammates there's a pinned post in the deals forum december teammates it states that they know it'a not working a notification went out in the beinnin gof july and to not add post about teammates because it clogs up the feed find that post and add your name there



Re: what about a super 1 foods reciept with no bar code

Deal Master

I am not familiar with Super 1 Foods, but I do see that you are suppose to scan the barcode to get credit.

It appears that Ibotta only accepts the Bar code.  There isn't even a way to enter it in, in case there is a problem with the scan.  In your case, you don't even have a bar code.

You could open a request with Ibotta and take pictures of your receipt and the UPCs of all the items you purchased.  It is taking about a week to get a response from Customer Support due to the holidays and the pandemic.  Explain that your receipt did not have a bar code on it.

You could also try going back to Super 1 Foods and see if they can print another receipt.  I would think they could even generate another receipt with all the items on your original receipt, but that may be more than they are willing to do, especially if they are busy.  Prices could be different due to new sales, but I am not sure that matters for this.  Ibotta doesn't care what you paid for it.

Good luck.