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When do new deals come out?

Rewards Hunter

How often does ibotta add new deals? 

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Re: When do new deals come out?

Deal Sharer

I have not really seen a pattern...I just continue to check to under the New Offers tab and see what they have loaded. 

Re: When do new deals come out?

Deal Master

Typically at least once a week, if my memory serves me right.


Re: When do new deals come out?

Deal Master

Deals come out all the time, but many come out on Wednesday's.  However, if you only look in the New Items tab, you will miss some offers.  Not all new items show up on the New Items tab.  I routinely go through all the offers to see if I missed any.  With over 800 offers in Walmart alone, it is very time consuming.

I wish Ibotta would ALWAYS add new items under the New Items tab.

Re: When do new deals come out?


Agreed!!! New deals don’t necessarily show under new deals. 
if I plan to shop, I go through the whole app and check everything I am interested in. Then at the store I usually find about 35% of those items. 😕😩😢