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Win Free Drinks with Starbucks Earth Month Game


Starbucks Earth Month Game

You’ve probably noticed lots of special offers and promotions in support of Earth Month. The tree symbol is starting to pop up all over Ibotta, which means each time that offer is claimed, a contribution (equal to the cost of planting one tree) is made to Trees for the Future. Even the items featured as Free After Offer (FAO) are plant-based and/or earth-friendly.

Starbucks has also joined the effort by launching an Earth Month Game, which is similar to the Starbucks For Life game that happens every December.

You can earn plays by making purchases at Starbucks, but you can also claim 2 free plays per day if you look in the fine print. I’ve  already won a free handcrafted beverage and a 50% off handcrafted beverage just by using free plays. In keeping with the Earth Month theme, the prizes are only valid on plant-based or earth-friendly products, but I was able to get my usual caramel macchiato, and just switched it to almond milk. If you want to join the fun for free, head over to and scroll down to the fine print.