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Withdrawing funds


I have emailed customer service a couple times no response and am getting an error message when trying to cash out. It will say “we are having trouble connecting there was an problem getting your information. please try again later” 

please help! 

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Re: Withdrawing funds

Deal Expert

No one can help you help you here we do not work for ibotta. If you keep putting in tickets you go to the bottom of the list and have to wait longer. Since everyone puts in tickets for every little thing you can wait a week or more for a response. You can also go on the ibotta facebook page and send a message it's quicker. Have you tried looking for an update uninstall reinstall shut phone off on wifi on off clear cookies cache? Those are the normal fixes posted when people have problems


Re: Withdrawing funds

Rewards Hunter

Most times they are great at getting back to you within 48hours. However it is weekdays normally. Depending on subject it may take a little longer. Make sure you keep checking your ticket because they may need you to respond back to them for additional info. The quicker you reply so do they.