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Working to Improve Your Experience

Former Ibotta Employee

Hello, Savers!

We are aware that some of you have been experiencing issues with the app, including missed or delayed credit. Our team is working hard to correct these issues to ensure you have the best experience possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

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Re: Working to Improve Your Experience

Rewards Hunter

Thank you for all your hard work and patience 🙂

Re: Working to Improve Your Experience

Deal Sharer

I appreciate that. I suspect y’all are experiencing growing pains, which is a good thing if you handle it right. I will say I was pretty disappointed when a member of the Ibotta care team responded that I did not get credit for two items on my linked Walmart account because I had not selected them ahead of time, when I know I had. One of them, the butterball hardwood smoked turkey had failed twice to rebate, I just did t report it the first time, so only after I challenged her response did she state she would forward it up. 
Anyway, I am sure y’all are working hard to fix everything, just please make sure customer care stays in the mix of your progress.