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YouTube Cheaters


I love this forum for sharing deals that are out there that I don’t know about!! I also check out YouTube to see if new deals dropped. However, I’m appalled by the the gross cheating that some YouTubers are now calling glitches!! There is bragging about how much they were able to make on a haul thru out right criminal intent!! Going into Walgreens using digital AND paper manufacturers coupons at the same time on purpose is fraud!! Do you really need that much shampoo, bug spray, and vitamins? I respect the ones who show great deals that use coupons properly!!

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Re: YouTube Cheaters

Deal Expert

I am all for using multiple apps for stacking deals (Ibotta,  Fetch,  etc.), but committing fraud is not an option for me.  I have the app and if I use a paper coupon I don't try to double up with theirs.  I don't often shop at Walgreens but I have the app and load their coupons. If you have manufacturer's coupons they will often apply along with a store coupon.  That isn't fraudulent.  Using multiple manufacturer's coupons on a single item is wrong. I can't believe the store's computers would allow it. 



Re: YouTube Cheaters

Deal Master

I shop at Walgreens all the time.  They have some great deals, trying to get you in the door.  I always get free toothpaste and other oral items.  I haven't "paid" for oral products in a long time.

The biggest problem is matching the right coupon/offer with the right item.  I use the Walgreens site to pull up the coupon and then press Shop to make sure what products at my store match the coupon.

Walgreens policy does allow using a Walgreens coupon (from their coupon book) and a manufacturer's coupon.  If someone is using multiple manufacturer's coupons on one product, then that is fraud, even if their system allows it.

The app has a small glitch that affects Walgreens.  I entered my Walgreens Rewards number in the app and it will give me credit for coupons automatically when I buy a matching product.  However, they don't appear to recognize when coupons are used in the store purchase.  They sometimes give credit anyway.  This is also fraud, but I don't know who is at fault here.

I do know that Walgreens Customer Support is very good.  They will give you credit (Walgreens Cash) when something is missed at the store, such as missing digital coupon or Register Rewards.

Re: YouTube Cheaters

Rewards Advocate

The number of couponing channels is amazing. The unfortunate thing is that many people may not realize what those things mean until they stop and think about it.

There are two I follow who are very “by-the-book.” They are my favorites. The others I just watch to see what deals they share that I didn’t know about. When they speak of “glitches,” I skip ahead. I don’t coupon at Walgreens since I only have time for one drugstore. CVS has been updating their systems so that glitches will no longer happen.