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Better items

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Would like more items that people would use iam lucky if I get 3 times a month that I buy 

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Re: Better items

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Welcome to Ibotta. As you continue to use Ibotta take advantage to sample products you would not normally purchase. 

Also when you have an opportunity take a look at the retailers you can purchase gift cards from and those you can make online purchases through using Ibotta's web browser.

Ibotta affords you with multiple ways to save money either through the app or web browser.

To learn more about Ibotta explore the forum and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  I'm sure any one of the app users will be more than pleased to assist and if one of us cannot get you back on track @LaraL is always here to help. 


Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: Better items

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@Unicorn33 Welcome to the Community! For my first two years with Ibotta, I was like you. Only using it for things that I already purchased or for the free after offer items, so very few redemptions. Then I started reading the posts here and my world (grocery buying world that is) expanded. I have found so many new things that I love from reading what other folks have purchased and them sharing their feedback. Two examples are Undercover Snacks and Love Corn. I would have never bought either of these items prior to visiting this forum, but now I love both. One of the great things about Ibotta is trying new things for little or no out of pocket. Stacking Kroger cash back with Ibotta cash back I was able to try the Undercover snacks for free and the Love Corn for only $1.00 OOP. Hopefully you will find new favorites by reading through the threads and hearing about what others are buying as I did!

Re: Better items

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@Unicorn33  Welcome to the community! 🌸🌸🌸

Great advice from @OBSHOP and @mom2furkids , and I agree with them 100%!

Hope you are not too discouraged and would give ibotta a chance. It’s a great place to save (and potentially make) money!

Re: Better items

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@Unicorn33   and sometimes, rebate apps (such as Ibotta) aren't for everyone.  If you can save a few dollars here and there on items you use great.  You don't HAVE TO complete every bonus.  Just come along for the ride and I'm sure we'll change your mind.  My favorite product without a doubt are Clio bars which are  chocolate covered yogurt, but I do use offers for everyday items including toiletries, water, coffee, cookies, bread and a lot more.  Take the time to search through the items and you may be surprised. I post a lot (and chat a lot more).  I'm still working on my level 2 bonus while others have completed all the bonuses.  You might want to start by sharing with us where you like to shop, and maybe we can introduce you to some new products. 

Re: Better items

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@Unicorn33  Welcome to the community! 

My thoughts are that Ibotta can't cater to everyone uniquely.  We all have different likes, dislikes, dietary needs.  If there's a brand you regularly purchase and haven't seen it on the app, it's best to send that brand an email to tell them you'd like to see their products on Ibotta.  Maybe one day they'll pop up!

In the beginning, like others, I used Ibotta mainly for the items I was already using.   Then I was on a grocery forum that posted some great match ups, and I started to expand my use.  Instead of being brand loyal, I started swapping brands.  And some have become family favorites, that I will buy even without a coupon/rebate offer!  I will say,  there's a small handful of items that I am absolutely brand loyal to, and will not buy anything else, such as Blue Plate Mayo.  When there's an Ibotta offer, which is pretty rare for that brand, I make sure to max out! 

Then maybe 3 years ago or so, I really picked up the pace.  I started trying new products, as the bonuses were pretty enticing.  I started to 'roll' my balance.  Instead of cashing out to paypal, then transferring that $$ to my bank, I started using my PP debit card to purchase items using my earned funds.  This is another way to branch out and try new products, as it stretches my grocery budget.  If there's a super good deal or freebie for an item I don't use, I will still grab it to put in my donation bin.

And I also started looking at other grocery stores offers.  Whole Foods, I used to think was out of my league.  But, combining their sales + my Prime discount, coupons, Ibotta and other rebate apps, I am certainly not breaking the bank by shopping there at least once a week! 


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