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Great Motivation To Try New Stuff

Rewards Hunter

My absolute favorite thing about ibotta (besides the extra cash) is the endless products that I may never have ,tried and at a great money back incentive if not for free! From Jelly to Hair Care, there have been hundreds of products that normally I wouldn't even give a second thought to adding to my cart even with a coupon but since ibotta I have broadened my favorite things and made our life so much more joyful. Not everything has been a winner but most products have made a permanent residential spot here and to think I only needed a little $ back to give it a try. Thanks ibotta!

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Re: Great Motivation To Try New Stuff

Rewards Advocate


Yes! I feel the same. In fact, there are a number of delicious products that we’ve discovered through Ibotta or this board that I never would have considered purchasing because of their price. I’m am so glad their purchase was incentivized and now I know I can work some of them into the food budget. ‘Tis a wonderful thing! ☺️

Re: Great Motivation To Try New Stuff

Shopping Enthusiast


Welcome to Ibotta, I'm delighted to know you enjoy using the app.  Be sure to read the forums here regularly. You will find a lot of good ensight on deals and other savings. 

Don't let what you don't have prevent you from enjoying what you do have.

Re: Great Motivation To Try New Stuff

Deal Ambassador

@MojosMoves  I feel the same way! One of my recent favorites has been the Snickers Peanut Brownie bars. I probably would never have noticed them had it not been for IB.  These are SO good and very addictive!