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Grocery shopping

Rewards Hunter

You need to put on the list off stuff you can get a discount for. Like hamburger roast pork chops. Regular milk two litters of soda like coke dr pepper sprit. Also things like kraft mac and cheese Regular eggs. Not everyone eats healthy are organic food. This would have a lot of people using you site. 


                                         Thank you

                                 Mrs shannon

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Re: Grocery shopping

Skilled Saver

@Nesselhauf  Welcome to the Community!  I'm not sure how long you've been using the Ibotta app, but all those items you've mentioned, have been offered as rebates over the past several months.  Retailers & manufacturers work with Ibotta to bring a variety of rebate offers.  Not every offer is going to appeal to each user.  Some brands & products are new, so they advertise on Ibotta to get new customers.  Some items I'd never heard of, I only purchased b/c of an Ibotta offer, and they have become family favorites.  So don't be afraid to try new items!

Re: Grocery shopping

Shopping Enthusiast


Please keep in mind Ibotta is a marketing app. I believe the best attribute of Ibotta is the featuring of independent brands.  Prior to using Ibotta I would only shop for national brands overlooking lesser-known products.   Some if not all the items you listed have been featured on Ibotta.  You can take advantage of the products that are listed to help you save and buy those that are not with your earnings.

Don't let what you don't have prevent you from enjoying what you do have.

Re: Grocery shopping

Deal Master

@Nesselhauf  You'd be surprised what new products you'll discover.  Staples like bread, perdue chicken, yogurt, rice, and pasta.  Also search "any" and you'll find many items you use every day.  FYI Kraft Mac n cheese, cheetos mac n cheese and muscle mac n cheese have all been on Ibotta too.

Re: Grocery shopping

Core Shopper

Welcome @Nesselhauf! The Kraft mac & cheese offer is in my Ibotta gallery right now. It's for 10 cents back, up to five boxes. Offer good at certain retailers like Walmart. Check your Ibotta app as you probably have this offer right now too!

Re: Grocery shopping


Hi Mrs. Shannon,   welcome to Ibotta!!  I have been a member for many years now.  Ibotta is a great source for saving money for grocery shopping for both regular items and new released items from the retailers.  Although it may seem right now there is no coupons for things on your general list, Ibotta does give rebates quite often for them.  Be patient and continue to look.  The more you use Ibotta the more you will see offers targeted toward things you shop for.  Occasionally they will have rebates on "any items" which could be meats, dairy, produce, personal care items and the list goes on and on.  


Ibotta is a great way to not only earn rewards for things you regularly shop for but also a great way to try new items that you may normally not think of purchasing, but want to try and get them at a discounted rate.  Which I love, because I have found that my kids actually love specialty yogurts and cheeses.  Assorted flavors of ice creams dairy and non dairy that I would have never purchased prior to using Ibotta. 

Also another perk I love about Ibotta is they will also have an occasion rebate just to submit a receipt.  Can you believe that?  I just earned .50 for showing them a receipt with not one product that had a rebate on it.  Wow!!  Can you say amazing? This is free money to me just for shopping at my favorite grocery store. I love this. 

Ibotta is honestly one of the best apps put there for earning and redeeming money, YES, real cash!! Not coupons or points. But green cash in your wallet for doing something we have to do for our food!! I couldn't be more thrilled to share how wonderful this app is and how beneficial it can be if you are earnest about your shopping habits and looking for deals to go along with your needs and purchases.  

Keep looking and I am 100% sure, you will see a nice return on the things you use in the future.  Best of luck and Happing Ibotta'ing!!