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Happy Hour - Absolut Elix

Deal Expert


With the recent posts about mixers I thought it a good time to give a special mention about this stuff. Yes, it costs twice as much as the blue label. But, I don't frequent my local pub much, so I save by buying in bulk.

I am more a British Isles Whisky/Whiskey person. But I am not opposed to other stuff.


Anyways, I saw this stuff while trying to clear a bonus. I read the label. Hmm, all the grain, winter wheat, from a single estate. Then produced using an old-style manual operation.

My interest was piqued, especially with all the specialization in today's spirits production. How could this make any difference to a neutral grain spirit, why is it special. 

I didn't want to, but I decided to splurge. In fact, I really wasn't getting the stuff necessarily for me, but for a drinking buddy.


Considering this was Vodka, I expected a mellow bluntness. But the Elix I found not to be silky so to speak. I would describe it as having the weight of velvet but the finish of premium satin. You end up with just a hint of alcohol tang. 

What I'm getting at, we were both really impressed by the stuff. The bottle has a tint, but Elix is plain. I doubt anyone would be disappointed by it by any means.