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Happy Hour - The Finnish Long Drink

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I recently tried a couple of new beverages. One out of curiosity the other as a part of an ibotta promotion.



The original ibotta offer was not real rewarding, but it was an offer an counted towards completing my bonus/es that week. I had made out pretty good on some other deals so decided to take the hit.

For those not familiar, THE Finnish Long Drink is a gin & juice based canned alcoholic beverage popular in Finnish culture, according to the packaging and website. Basically, gin, grapefruit juice, and Juniper Berry flavors. 

At the store I found 3 versions available, original (light blue box), sugar free (white box), strong (black box). For those that haven't guessed which I might have  chose from my posts about other drinks, I selected the Strong (black box), which comes in at 8.5% alcohol and is sugar free, but not unsweet.

It is as advertised, strong, you will feel a bit of a buzz. Sips kind of like a premium hard seltzer, but smoother since it is from distilled spirits. Gin is noticeable along with grapefruit juice and other flavors. I was quite pleased with it accompanied with my favorite slice of NY style pizza.

The deal reset a week or so later with a considerably better offer from ibotta. I was in a different region by this time so I visited the local beverage mart. With some assistance from staff, I found the stuff again. This place had it priced 20% lower than my first purchase, and paired with IB, the deal ended up being 50% of cost at this location.



Strong (black box) was not available so I went with the sugar free (white box). It was basically the same experience, just not as strong at 5% alcohol.

Overall, I would recommend as an alternative to hard seltzers, especially if looking for a smoother drink and something closer to a cocktail. Probably will have to ask for help finding in the hard liquor area of a store.


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Re: Happy Hour - The Finnish Long Drink



Thanks for sharing this. I’ve seen this come up a few times but haven’t tried it yet. But you make it sound worthy of a second look 

Happy Shopping 🛒 


Re: Happy Hour - The Finnish Long Drink

Deal Expert


If you have the $6.00 offer, it is a pretty good deal, pending the shelf tag. First place I picked it up had it marked up a bit.