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Iams healthy digestion

Rewards Hunter

Has anyone else used the iams healthy digestion? I bought it for our dog because the ingredients list seemed excellent and our dog has stomach issues so I thought it may help. It did not help. She has been throwing up every day and I’m positive it is the dog food. I will be calling the company this week and discuss this issue with them . 

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Re: Iams healthy digestion

Deal Sharer

Thank you for posting.  I haven't bought the Iams brand, but I did buy the Blue Buffalo Blissful Belly for both our dog and cat when Ibotta had that great half price offer at Walmart.  Both pets did really good with it and I am thinking of buying more.  It is pricey without any offers or coupons, but a vet bill is really best avoided.   I hope that your pup feels better very soon.  It is so hard to have them not feeling their best.  Sending hugs.

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